Keeping It Brief

Drama King!

Dear Reader,

An awful lot has happened in my life since my last entry–which was, my to my chagrin, well over one month ago. I’m sure a lot has happened in your life as well! Let’s spare each other the details, shall we, and get to the point of this week’s WoW blog post.

I’ve done a lot of belly-aching over the last while about how busy my life has been and what I haven’t been able to accomplish. This has prevented me from actually focusing on that I HAVE accomplished. Sound familiar? It’s something most of us are guilty of: paying attention to everything we haven’t done, while NOT giving to credit to everything we have done, experienced, or brought forth in this life. With this in mind, allow me to relate a brief story…

Keeping It Brief

While traveling deep in the Land of “Oh-poor-me-my-life-is-so-busy-and-I-haven’t-been-writing”, I came across a wise yet not-so-old sage who has counselled me many times on my journey through life. This wise person (who I hold in such high regard and just happens to be a writer, adventurer, lover of food & wine, spiritual guide, chef, artist, and all-around brilliant human being) gave me a piece of advice with respect to writing: sometimes, it’s all right to keep it brief. As I listened to her teachings, she bestowed upon this student of life her own experiences as a writer (check out the Food Gypsy, she’s kind of a big deal) and let me know that I don’t have to always write the funniest, most in-depth, most moving pieces in order to post something on this blog. Sometimes just “checking in” is good enough; consistency is key; and, mastering the Art of Brevity is a lesson I would do well to learn.

I’m the first to admit it: I am a perfectionist. Generally, as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to anything I do if it’s not perfect it’s not. good. enough. so. there.

However: I’ve given my wise friend’s council much thought since our discussion several weeks ago, and I solemnly pledge it is something I will continue to work on.

SO…I’m going to move on quickly and simply thank you for reading this blog and continuing to receive enjoyment from my exploits. I do encourage you to share — comment on my posts and do send a note if you’d like something for me to write about.

I started this evening full of ideas about a large article that I would post this evening, and you know what? It’s not going to happen. I’m fully proud of myself that I managed to have two articles published in the Fall 2011 issue of BC Food & Wine Trails Magazine, plus keep my head above water with my day job, family life, and other committments. So this week, it is what it is. And I thank you for reading.

Wine mention: I’m drinking a 2009 Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Noir. Shocking, but true–I love it. It’s no Quails’ Gate Pinot Noir (uh, excuse moiye ploise, what is?) but it’s fantastic.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Coming Soon: the article I meant to write tonight… How I Drank My Summer Holidays. A retrospective of all the deliciousness of Summer 2011.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

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One Response to Keeping It Brief

  1. M Cameron says:

    Great post darling, even if it is “brief”. Possible post idea: describe your journey towards becoming a World of Winecrafter and what inspired you to follow this path. Love and hugs from all of your many adoring fans. XXOO

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